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Large Concealment Case with Flag

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Your Large Flag 21"x38" Concealment case is built from 3/4" pine with a plywood back suitable to screw directly into the wall. The inside dimensions are 18" x 35.5" x 4" deep. The bare wood is first stained on all surfaces and can be painted black (or other color) if desired.

The STANDARD FLAG is assembled from 13 painted/stained stripes and Union with support struts on the back. The PREMIUM FRAMED FLAG is framed with solid Oak and acts as the structural support providing a clean and elegant look. The CUSTOM FLAG allows you to add a Logo or Image either carved or lasered into the Flag Lid for personalization.

Included in the Case construction:

  • Concealed self-closing hinges on the Flag lid
  • 1 or 2 gas filled struts for opening assist and to keep the lid open
  • Hanging systems options: Pegboard system (black or diamond plate), 2 Gun magnets and anodized hooks (both with protective coating) that you will mount with included screws, Kaizen Foam 2.25" thick that you custom cut or None.

Optional: Locking mechanism options are RFID electronic card opener (shown in video) with power cord extender jack out the top for battery power assist (extra); a Fingerprint Lock system or None. 

STEP ONE is to select your Large Flag, Union and Finish. Premium framing or custom.

STEP TWO is to select the Concealment Case options.

Be sure to leave comments for custom flag questions. Every order will result in direct communication and approval prior to construction. 

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